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Remi Cachet are one of the U.K's largest trade companies for human hair extensions. They provide us with 80% of the human hair extensions that we use to make our hair systems, wigs, hats and headbands and play a huge part in the services that LittleLadyLocks provide. If you wear Remi Cachet hair extensions or you are a trade account user then please read the following information and see how your used hair extensions can be used to help children with hair loss.

Our Hair Extension Recycling Scheme

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80% of the hair we use to make our hair systems is Remi Cachet. This hair has been recycled from clients and trade account users who all want to make a difference and help a child with hair loss.
Remi Cachet hair extensions can last anything up to 2years which means some of the hair extensions that you send back to Remi Cachet to recycle can be resold. This is where our recycle scheme comes into play. You can now buy reconditioned Remi Cachet Hair Extensions at a fraction of the price and all costs go to our childrens charity.
For all those hair extensions that can not be used or resold then the hair is send to a company called Matter Of Trust. This amazing cause creates huge hair matts that soak up oil spills in the ocean, saving the environment and making our oceans cleaner.

LittleLadyLocks & Remi Cachet

The Collaboration

The collaboration began when LittleLadyLocks founder Ashley Higgins approached Remi Cachet. As a hair extension specialist, Ashley has worked with Remi Cachet extensions for many years so knew when she founded the charity she wanted to also use our hair for this venture. “I have worked in the hair industry for ten years now and I can honestly say Remi Cachet hair is the best I have ever worked with so I approached Victoria and explained I only wanted to work with her and her brand. I offer Remi Cachet to my extension clients as I know this is the best hair for them so I wanted to do this for the charity as well” Ashley explains.

Remi Cachet founder, Victoria Lynch, explains how their brand recycling scheme is adapting to support LittleLadyLocks. “Some clients replace their hair more frequently, and we want to take advantage of these unwanted hair extensions that still have some life in them. These extensions will be sent to LittleLadyLocks to be made into a new hairpiece to give a child an opportunity to make use of the hair.”

The hair extensions will be cleaned, fumigated, and washed by LittleLadyLocks before being sent to the charity's team of wig makers. These will then be used to create full-length wigs, hair closures for hair replacement systems and accessories such as hats and headbands with hair extensions attached to them. Any hair extensions received at Remi Cachet that aren't suitable to be repurposed will go straight to the Matter of Trust scheme.

“I am over the moon that Remi Cachet has partnered with LittleLadyLocks” Ashley explains. “I wanted a reputable brand to join us in raising awareness of the charity and aiding us with hair supplies. Being a hair extensionist myself, I regularly witness clients buying new hair extensions when their current hair extensions are still in great condition. This got me thinking, what if they donated these hair extensions? I believe that together we will be able to change a lot of children's lives."

Victoria further discusses “The hair donations are a great start, and we are also looking at other ways to support the charity with fundraising. Little Lady Locks have also committed to returning the hair at the end of its life as a hairpiece to be sent for further recycling with a Matter of Trust. We hope more salons will start to join in and support us so we can help more children gain their confidence back.”

Please note, for the Matter Of Trust Schem