Hair Replacement Systems

We offer hair replacement systems, free of charge, to children and young adults who wish to cover their hair loss patches. 

Each of our U.K based wigmakers takes approximately 40 hours to create these hair systems, depending on their size and thickness and costs our charity on average £350-£800 to make.

See our step by step guide on how our hair systems are fitted and maintained.

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Raw Hair 

As hair extensions and wigs are becoming an A-List trend the demand for raw hair is rising daily. The world simply does not have enough hair donors to keep up with the ever so demanding market.

Our first step in making our hair systems is that we check our hair stock, to see if we have any hair donations or used hair extensions that match the child's natural hair colour. If we do not have the length or colour in stock,  then we have to purchase the hair, which can cost the charity hundreds of pounds per hair system.

Thank you to our amazing supporters who are cutting these raw hair costs by having the chop for LittleLadyLocks or donating their old hair extensions.

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Hair Systems Foundations 

Each child who suffers with hair loss patches are all different in sizes and areas on the head. 


Our lace topper bases are custom made to each child's patch and can take up to 6 hours to make by our wig makers. 



Using a ventilating hook, the wig maker ties strands of hair to the topper bases. This creative skill has been around for centuries as master wig makers designed beautiful wigs for kings and queens, public officials, family and friends. 


 Hair ventilation is the longest timescale of our wig making process, as one hair system might take up to 40hrs depending on the size of hair loss patches our little ladies have.


Our aim is to provide a hair system to the child that closely replicates their natural hair, before they had the hair loss. This means length, texture and colour.

Our colouring experts will colour the human hair systems as close as possible to the child's natural colour and also add root shadowing effects to ensure the most realistic results.

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Fitting and Maintenance Appointments

Once the hair system is ready for fitting, the child and parents will arrange a fitting appointment with a local salon.


The initial fitting appointment can take anything from 1-4 hours depending on the size of the patches covered or if a full system is attached.

The natural hair is threaded onto a mesh fabric and secured into place with silicone micro- ring beads. The net is then secure on the child's head and the hair system is then sewn on to the mesh fabric. 

The Hair Replacement System is then fitted on to the child's hair for around 5-6weeks depending on the hair growth and area size. After this time it is then due for a maintenance appointment.  During this appointment the system will be removed, the child's hair will be washed and treated and then the system will be refitted.  All of these costs from start to finish are covered by our charity. 

If you think this is something that your child will benefit from please get in touch.


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