AVA Headband

We offer human hair headbands, free of charge, to children and young adults who are suffering with hair loss conditions. 

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Raw Hair 

As hair extensions and wigs are becoming an A-List trend the demand for raw hair is rising daily. The world simply does not have enough hair donors to keep up with the ever so demanding market.

Our first step in making our Ava Headbands is that we check our hair stock, to see if we have any hair donations or used hair extensions that match the child's natural hair colour. If we do not have the length or colour in stock,  then we have to purchase the hair, which can cost the charity hundreds of pounds per wig.

Thank you to our amazing supporters who are cutting these raw hair costs by having the chop for LittleLadyLocks or donating their old hair extensions.

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Headband and hair sample

We kindly ask parents to send us their child's own headband for us to add the additional hair on to. This is to ensure that the child is comfortable with the fit and of course they like the style and colour. 

For the closest colour match we ask the parents to send a lock/snippet of the child's natural hair so we can match this up to the hair extensions that we are adding. We understand that this may not always be an option, in those cases we can match up from a picture of the child's hair in natural daylight.  

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We then ask for some photographs to be taken of the child wearing the headband for us to see which areas need covering and how thick and full the additional hair needs to be. If possible these are to be passport style pictures of the front, side and back of the hair.  On a blank white background if possible and sent to info@littleladylocks.com.


Our aim is for the Ava Headband to match as the closely as possible to the childs natural hair,. This includes the hair length, texture and colour.

Our colouring experts will colour the human hair extensions as close as possible to the child's natural colour.


Special Delivery!

Once the Ava headband has been created this is then posted out to your home address and the headband is yours to keep forever.

We are extremely grateful if you could help us spread awareness and send us the final pictures of your child wearing their new headband and some feedback.


We only disclose and post images with your full consent.

All of these costs from start to finish are covered by our charity.


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