Hair Donations

Thank you for thinking about us for your hair donation.

We accept both hair cut donations and used hair extensions to create our wonderful hair systems. Before donating your hair/hair extensions to us, please read the following checklists below to ensure that they can be used.
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Haircut Donations

  • The hair must be at least 7 inches (17 cm) long.

  • The hair must be in excellent condition.

  • The hair donated must not be tangled. The hair must be washed and dried before donated. If it is wet, the hair cannot be used, as it can get mouldy.

  • We accept donations from any gender, colour or texture as long as it is not dry or frizzy.

  • If you are donating hair and it was cut long time ago, it must be well maintained.

  • You can also donate any old hair pieces such as wigs as long as it is human hair.

  • You can either book an appointment at our salon for your hair cut, or get it done at your salon of choice.

  • Please ask your hairdresser to secure your hair with a hairband, and cut the hair just above the hairband. Braid the hair and secure the other end, as this stops the hair from getting tangled.

  • For postage information click here.


Hair Extension Donations

  • Hair extensions donated to us must be new or in excellent condition.

  • The hair extensions must be at least 16 inches (46cm) long.

  • They must be 100% human hair.

  • They must not be dry or frizzy.

  • Before donating your hair extensions wash them TWICE with shampoo, and completely dry them. Do not use and conditioner or other styling products.

  • We accept hair extensions from within and outside the UK.

  • Before posting, make sure you place a slip in the donation with the hair extension supplier.

Hair donations we do not accept (both haircuts and hair extensions):

  • Synthetic or artificial hair

  • No less than 7 inches (17cm) long for hair cuts, and no less that 16 inches (46 cm) long for hair extensions.

  • Dry or frizzy hair.

  • Henna Dyed hair.

  • Dreadlocks.

  • If the brand of the hair extensions is not known.

Postage Information

  • If you are happy to appear on our socials, please take an image like the one above and email it to us at :

  • Before posting or dropping off the hair at our salon, please download, print and complete your Hair Donation Slip (click here to download). Include this in the donation parcel.

  • Put the hair donation, in a paper bag and then in a cardboard envelope or heavyweight postage bag.

  • Please ensure that you weigh the parcel to make sure you purchase the right postage.

  • Once we receive your package we will email you your hair donation certificate.


Post your hair donations to us at:


My Luscious Locks Salon

98 Alder Road



M35 0QW