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Different way in which you can help?

Interested in helping  LittleLadyLocks ? Find out the ways you can do so!

Raise awareness, speak to your children and teach them not to bully others just because they look different. Bullying does have a huge impact on hair loss conditions, but we are here for you. If you need a mood booster, or a hair system, contact us!

Sometimes hair donations are not enough which means we need to buy the hair and other materials. Prices vary based n lenght, hair colour and size of the hair piece. Sometimes the price can be over £800. The services are provided for free but in order to provide the materials we do need your help!If you are interested in Fundraising for us, contact us!

Having a hair cut?
Your hair donations are important to us as the costs for the hair piece production are less. Donate your hair to us. A certificate will also be sent to you once the piece is received!
For more information on hair requirements click below!

Like and follow our page. Share our work and keep us in mind if you know an child or young lady that might need a free hairpiece. Spread our work on social media! It is a powerful tool that brings people closer and makes the ones in need happier!

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