Our Story

Two years ago, a lady called Laura approached me in order to help her daughter who was suffering with alopecia, but I was not experienced with hair loss conditions back then.

Ten months ago, I started talking with some of my lady clients who suffer with hair loss conditions and 9 out of 10 have been left to deal with this condition on their own. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease which a lot of times is led by stress and sadness. As adults, sometimes we deal better with things like this. How would young children feel? They have to go to school and deal with all the stress from other children who would often bully them. That makes their condition a lot worse. Due to that stress caused by the lack of acceptance these children might lose the majority of their hair and feel hopeless and mentally exhausted.

Thinking of all these, has motivated me to take a hair integration course and start practising it. I started my LittleLadyLocks campaign and I decided to dedicate a few days a month in order to provide these children with free hair systems in the hope that it will boost their confidence and maybe the hair loss will not be permanent like my older clients.

I have started a GoFundMe page as as there are several expenses that we have to cover in order for our service to be provided for free.
You can find our donation links and other ways you can help on the How can I help? section.

We do appreciate all the help and support we have been receiving and we are looking forward to helping more young ladies and making a difference in their lives.


Meet Ashley

 Hair loss & Hair extension specialist, Salon Owner

Ashley is the founder of LittleLadyLocks. She is a hair salon owner, hair loss and hair extension specialist.

She has spent numerous hours with her lady hair loss clients who have suffered with hair loss since very young at age. After several conversations with them regarding how they feel, I have realised that they do not receive as much support as they would like to. 

Ashley decided that it would be great for me to be able to make people suffering with hair loss conditions feel happier and more confident in themselves. She did a hair integration course, and since then she has been transforming her hair loss clients' hair and has been watching them regain their confidence and love for themselves.

Ashley thought that maybe if a hair integration process started at the earlier stages of hair loss conditions maybe severe hair loss could be avoided in the future and this is why she chose to start making a difference in young girls' lives.

Please join us in our journey in trying to make a change in the hair loss world!


Meet Louiza

Wig & Topper Specialist, Wig & Topper Maker

Louiza Philippou graduated, in 2019, the Arts University Bournemouth in BA (Hons) Makeup for Media and Performance. Throughout the course she developed a true passion about wig making in order to help children suffering from hair loss conditions.

Louiza comes from Greece, but she started visiting the UK, since 2009, due to an autoimmune disease she suffers with. She used to attend appointments at the Great Ormond Street hospital in London where she saw several children suffering with conditions such as cancer, alopecia and a lot more. That was the moment when Louiza realised how much she would love to get involved in the medical side of what she studied and contribute in a her own way to a child's happiness.


Louiza approached Ashley and her LittleLadyLocks campaign in December 2019, and they started working together since January 2020. She provides free of charge, hand-tied hair pieces, which otherwise they would cost a lot. She dedicates a lot of time and love to each hair piece that she makes in order to see a little smile  at the end of the hair system application. This is truly the most rewarding moment anyone could have asked for!

You can check more of Louiza's work below.