About Little Lady Locks

Here at Little Lady Locks we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to hair loss free of charge to under 18's across the UK

Founded in 2018, the charity was created to provide a vital service previously unavailable for young people, the free of charge provision of bespoke solutions for hair loss in under 18’s across the UK.

Changing Lives

Our founder Ashley is dedicated to making our little ladies lives more comfortable by creating top quality, natural looking hair replacement solutions to boost their mental wellbeing and confidence.

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What We Do

One of the things we value most is getting to know every single one of our little ladies. Our wigs are carefully crafted by hand and tailored to look incredibly realistic, allowing our little ladies to feel accepted in society without experiencing harmful comments or stares.

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Get Involved

Make a difference in the lives of our little ladies by getting involved! You can organize a fundraiser, donate hair or money, become a 'hair fairy,' or support us by purchasing from our merchandise page. Remember, every action counts, regardless of its size.

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