Request A Hair Service

All of our Hair Services are FREE of charge to anyone who is suffering with hair loss and is under the age of 18, living anywhere in the UK. All children are offered one Wig OR Hair system and one Hair Accessory every 12 months.

Here is the link to show you how to measure your childs head for when you apply for a service with the Little Lady Locks Charity

Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

We take so much pride in our bespoke wigs. We aim to mimic the child's natural hair length, colour and texture before they lost it. Our wigs are perfect for those who have lost all or majority of their natural hair.

Partial Wigs

We understand that hair loss can come and go in patches and different areas on the scalp. This means not every one is suitable for a full wig. Our partial wigs are great for those who need something more customised.

Hair Systems

Hair Systems are similar to hair extensions but are attached to the top of your hair. The systems do not cause any tension on the natural however the hair loss must be stable to attach to.


We can attach hair to headbands to cover hair loss patches and give the child full coverage without the need to wear a wig or hair system.

There is the option top add a fringe to the headband and you can also choose the density of how thick you need the coverage to be.

Hats & Beanies

We can customise almost any hat and beanie by attaching hair into the seams which gives the illusion that the child has hair/more hair when wearing.


Chemotherapy treatments can often cause scalp irritation which can make wigs uncomfortable. Our customised turbans have hair attached into the seams and a ribbon finish. There is no hair attached inside the base of the turban which make them very comfortable whilst looking stylish.


Bandanas are another of our stylish hair accessories that we can customise with hair to cover hair loss patches.