Fundraising For Us

Fundraising for Little Lady Locks is vital to support the work we do. With new hair systems costings around £500, every penny you raise or donate goes directly towards providing new hair systems to make our Little Ladies dreams come true.

You can be as creative as you like with your fundraising events, here are some great ideas;
a to z of fundraising ideas

Other Ideas

If you would prefer to donate money, rather than raising funds, you can opt to sponsor a Little Lady and directly donate any amount to the charity.

Your fundraising and sponsorship donations will be assigned to a specific Little Lady and you will receive regular updates to show how your gift has helped achieve their dream hair goals.

Go Fund Me

Here are the steps to creating your Go Fund Me page

  1. Go to 
  2. Type in your post code and select the category 'medical'
  3. Select the 3rd option 'charity' 
  4. Type in your goal e.g. £500
  5. Type in your name and email address and you have now created your "Go Fund Me'

Copy and paste this paragraph to explain what you are doing as a fundraiser.

I am raising funds for Little Lady Locks children's charity, who provide free hair systems and wigs to children who are suffering with hairloss anywhere in the uk. It costs approximately £500 per wig to be made and i am raising funds by___________________ on __/__/____ to try and cover the costs of one of these to be made.

For more information regarding fundraisers and sponsorships please contact us.

Natalie's Story

We love sharing your amazing efforts, here's just one of the many inspirational stories from a Little Ladies Locks supporter.

"Having lost my hair five times due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I am really keen to raise money for Little Lady Locks who provide hair loss replacement system for children with alopecia. Little Lady Locks provides this service free of charge to these children.

The targeted chemotherapy that I have been taking for the last three years meant that my hair was disappearing. I no longer looked how I felt. I was working hard to be as full of life as I could be, but I looked sick. I then learnt about the grown up version of this hair loss replacement system. For the last two years I have looked as well as I feel because of the fabulous integrated hair system which is available from Ashley, the founder of Little Lady Locks.

When I learnt that Ashley provides this service free to children I was so moved. I can‘t imagine being a child and having to face living with hair loss.

I am running Race to the King, an ultra-marathon in June with my friends Charlie and Sarah and thought it would be a great way to provide funds to make sure more children who need Ashley’s services can have their hair loss beautifully disguised so they can get on with enjoying their childhoods."

Natalie Yates Bolton

All donations gratefully received xxx

Here is a link to our blog page where you will find lots more inspirational stories.